I feel so lucky to have found Suzette and her wonderful cat hotel - we can now go away knowing he is happy and well looked after, leaving us to enjoy our time away. This amazing facility is great, offering everything a cat needs to pass the time - lots of interactive elements and comfortable spaces. It is a really well thought out space, both inside and out.
Suzette is a dedicated and professional carer who really thinks about the fine detail and Bailey feels like he is staying with a family friend!
H. Foster

I do love my home, and I really love relaxing at my home. But, for some reason, my slaves feel the need to go away on holidays or short breaks and that's when they decide to take me to this place they call "Butlins for Cats".
I have to say though, it's really pretty well equipped - there's staircases, walkways, hidey-holes, barrels, toys and all sorts outside where I can survey the world from several vantage points and there's always lots of interesting stuff going so I'm never bored. Then there's this big indoor area with two different entrances and several bed choices depending on my mood. There's even a fan or radiator if I need it, though I've got pretty good natural insulation already.
But the best bit is this really nice human who comes in regularly and tops up my food and cleans the place up. I'll usually get her to dangle toys for me to chase until I get bored (string is my fave). If I'm feeling generous, I'll let her brush me as well, something my own slaves could do more often!
It's not my primary residence, but I do get to bring all my toys, blankets and bowls to this place, so it feels very homely. Certainly the best place I've ever been to, and because I enjoy it here, my slaves appear to happy too, so all in all, a top notch second home.
S. Cole-King

My three cats had never been to a cattery before and I was quite nervous about leaving them, but Suzette assured me they would be fine and showed me the lovely run they had, which really was home from home. When I returned 2 weeks later, the cats were happy, well and to be honest not too keen on leaving! I would thoroughly recommend Suzette to care for your feline companion.
G. Hughes
We found ourselves having to go to the UK at a time that our neighbours couldn't feed our collection of very wild feral cats. It took us days to catch them so that we could take them to Suzette's cattery to be taken care of whilst we were away. With the car stacked with cat carriers we headed to St. Pardoux where the cages were safely placed inside the cattery enclosure. We guiltily left amidst united growls and hisses from the cats, objecting to their imprisonment. On our return we found very happy cats, calm and content and much tamer than those we'd left 10 days earlier. They are still not tame, but thanks to Suzette's loving kindness, patience and attention to detail, we are now able to handle most of the cats. Well done Suzette! You certainly having a way with animals!
J. Baxter


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