We are happy to give any medications that your pet requires free of charge.

Studies show, that a sudden change in your pet’s diet can cause unnecessary stress and intestinal problems. This information has been verified by both breeders and veterinarians. Because of this, we ask that you bring your pet’s normal food with you. Please ensure enough is provided for the duration of their stay.
We have a fully functional kitchen on the premises, so any food can be safely stored and/or cooked, and all diets can be catered for. If your pet is on a BARF diet, please discuss with us before their stay.
No extra charge will be made for special dietary needs.
Each animal can have an individual feeding guide. This will be managed as per your requirements.
Treats will be supplied, but please feel free to bring your own.
If your pet loses his/hers appetite while he/she is with us, different types of foods will be offered to tempt them. Please advise us if your pet has any specific likes or dislikes. I.e. chicken/liver/beef or other treats.

Please supply the name, address and contact details of your vetinary surgery.
If your dog requires a veterinarian while in our care, we will make every effort to use your own surgery. If this is not possible Saint Pardoux, Pension pour chiens et chats will use: Cabinet Vétérinaires Les Charmilles, 47 rue du Poitou, 79130, Secondigny. Tel: 05 49 95 67 37.
A 24 hour call out service is available.